Harry Bowes

Ventriloquist / Magician

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About Harry

George Henry "Harry" Bowes was born January 23rd, 1925 - October 29th, 2013

Harry Bowes and his main ventriloquist figure Reggie Buttons were a well known act in the 50s appearing as "Buttons and Bowes." 


A few photo's of Harry in the Army during his 2 years of National service in India

Remembering Harry

"I got interested in magic through my Uncle Harry Bowes (third photo), he attempted to teach his nephews but no one took it up except me. I was hooked from the age of 12. Harry, who is primarily a Ventriloquist, would teach me a trick and only when I had performed expertly with patter would he teach me another. It was a great way to learn as he really was my personal tutor. Harry also taught me the "classic pass" which I started to learn when I was 13 years old. It took me a few years until he and I was were happy with it and it's now a move which I couldn't be without. Harry is now 78 years young, he is the man who I've got to thank for getting me into this business, and he still teaches me… I owe him so much. He is still going stronger than ever and amazes me every time I go back to the North East. He is a advocate of the original Les Insull figures and takes so much pride in his Vent figures." - Martin Sanderson